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The Early Ford V8 Club of Victoria Inc. 1932 - 1954 

Early Ford V8 Club of America - Regional Group No. 151


The Club's mission:

To bring together persons interested in the restoration and preservation of all Ford V8, V12  4 cylinder, 6 cylinder Side Valve vehicles, passenger, utility, commercial, military, etc. built between the years 1932 and 1954. These vehicles include the classic names of Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Single Spinner, Twin Spinner, Customline, and Zephyr.  We operate in a friendly and harmonious social atmosphere for the total enjoyment of our common interest - we have fun!


You do not need to own an early Ford side valve vehicle, merely have an interest in promoting the mission of the club. This openness is designed to encourage people who are thinking of obtaining such a vehicle, as well as previous owners to participate and enjoy club activities.


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Last Update :  9th November 2018

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Facebook group for club members only: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209560556150995/