Club Permit Background

The Early Ford V8 Club Victoria Inc. (EFV8CV) has a signed agreement with Vic Roads which enables club members to participate in the Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme (CPS). The Club must comply with the agreement signed with Vic Roads. Club members are eligible to apply for a Club Permit under the auspices of the Club, provided they adhere to the requirements of both Vic Roads and Club.


A Club Permit obtained through the EF8CV is a privilege, not a right. It is important that each member is compliant for the benefit of other club members on the scheme. Non-compliance with Vic Roads is a serious issue which has caused other clubs to be debarred. The club is focussed on retaining its agreement with Vic Roads through good compliance.


Please remember this is a club of volunteers who are acting in club members best interests. The club reserves the right to reject or eject any vehicle from the CPS. In 2017 the club had some 87 vehicles on CPS.


The club wants this scheme to encourage active membership and enabling you to enjoy driving your car. The following guidelines are applicable for club permits held via the EFV8CV.


Membership Requirements for CPS

A permit holder must be a current member of EFV8CV. All new applicants for the CPS must have held membership for a minimum of 6 months and attended 3 club meetings/runs since joining.


Permit holder’s Responsibilities for CPS

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure their permit is signed one of the authorised club committee member and payment made to Vic Roads. Each permit holder will sign the agreement form annually.

Should your Permit be unpaid or membership lapse, it is the member’s responsibility to notify VicRoads and the Club accordingly. (The Club will also notify VicRoads.)

Vehicle Eligibility

Club permits will be endorsed by the Club on the following criteria.


Primary permit with the club will only be issued to a member who meets the eligibility criteria and has a largely unmodified Ford V8 within the date range 1932 – 1954. Such a vehicle must meet the Vic Roads requirements and will only be accepted onto the CPS under the “historic H” category provided it is an “unmodified” vehicle under the Vic Roads definition.

As a basic guide, a vehicle is considered “historic” if it has parts which are manufactured for the vehicle, or similar model vehicle, which are bolted to the car and up to 10% increase in engine power. There should have been no drilling, cutting or welding to the chassis.

Secondary permits will be issued as follows.

  • Vehicles which meet the Vic Roads age criteria for a club permit, but are “modified”, may be accepted onto the CPS under the “modified M” category provided a Club Scrutineer is comfortable with the modifications and the car meets the engineering requirements. These vehicles will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  • If a member has a second or subsequent vehicle which meets the Vic Roads age requirements, of any make, may be accepted onto the CPS under the “historic H” category provided it is an “unmodified” vehicle under the Vic Roads definition. These other vehicle applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

The club does not accept motor cycles onto CPS.


How do I get my Club Permit signed?

Our Club Permits are only signed by 3 committee members - Club Permit Officer & Scrutineer, Scrutineer or Secretary.

If you are renewing your permit, bring your form along to a club run or meeting.

If you are thinking of applying for a new permit, contact the Club Permit Officer & Scrutineer.

Remember that once you have paid VicRoads for your permit, you must send an A4 size copy showing the VicRoads receipted page from the inside cover of your log book to the Club Permit Officer & Scrutineer.

Download sample of the single page receipt will be available soon.